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EPISODE 83: Passion Twist - Finding Personal Passion with Sammi Reyes EPISODE 82: Demographics vs Psychographics For a More Targeted Audience? EPISODE 81: Cerebral Palsy to Life Coach with A Call to Action's Paul Forchione EPISODE 80: Get More Customers From Your Content Marketing With THIS Keyword Strategy EPISODE 79: An Easy to Use Storytelling Framework to Strengthen Your Marketing and Have an Impactful Message EPISODE 78: Unlocking Audience Insights with JBTD Theory EPISODE 77: The Push for Diversity in Tech and Latinos Who Code with Gean Martinez
EPISODE 75: 5 Reflections After 75 Podcast Episodes EPISODE 74: Quieting Your Mental Chatter With This Exercise to Amplify Your Awareness EPISODE 73: How Public Relations Can Help Your Business with Monique Lewis of Monique Lewis Management EPISODE 72: Finding Inspiration on the Outside EPISODE 71: ­čĺ¬Boldly ­čĺ¬Pursuing Your Passions with Alayna Zenger EPISODE 70: Leveraging Facebook Groups for POWERFUL Target Audience Research and Insight EPISODE 69: Designing Your Life With The Power of Manifestation with Money Mindset and Manifestation Coach Thuy Porter EPISODE 68: Using Your Facebook Profile to Generate More Leads and Traffic To Your Business EPISODE 67: Absolute Empowerment In Pursuing Your Passion with Sarah Cogan EPISODE 66: Want More Website Traffic? Boost Your Search Engine Rankings Quickly By Doing THIS Today! EPISODE 65: Who Are You REALLY Being in the World? The Impact of Screen and Social Media Addiction (and How to Overcome) with Johan Versteegh of SocialMediaBreakup.com EPISODE 64: Strengthening Your Mental Fitness By Talking More?!?! EPISODE 63: Powerful and Emotional Storytelling Through Jewelry and Product Design with HyeJun Park EPISODE 62: Want More Website Traffic? Get Some Quick SEO Wins With This (FREE) Tool! EPISODE 61: On Resiliency - Thriving As You Roll With The Punches Life Throws with Michele Danna EPISODE 60: Dramatically Improve Your Visualization Abilities With This Crazy Simple Exercise! EPISODE 59: Navigating the Silent Challenges of New Motherhood with Lactation Consultant and Infant Feeding Coach Ellen Ellingsworth EPISODE 58: A Parachute Can't Save You Unless You Do This!!! EPISODE 57: Increase the Room for Growth In Your Conversations By Doing THIS! EPISODE 56: On Being A Teacher - The Truth and Reality That We Don't Recognize with Kaitlyn Davis EPISODE 55: Solve More of Your Problems More Easily with THIS Strategy! EPISODE 54: How to Embrace the Pivot When Life Pulls the Rug from Under You with Kristina Lucia Andrews EPISODE 53: How to Improve Your Communication With a Board Game?!?! EPISODE 52: I Needed a Pause EPISODE 51: Are You Struggling with Marketing? Use THIS Tool to Help You Create Messaging and Ads that Your Ideal Clients Will Love! EPISODE 50: Empowerment and Transformation Through Storytelling with Kaitlin Vogel EPISODE 49: Living In The Present Because We're Too Old To Avoid Difficult Conversations EPISODE 48: Making the Law Work for Your Business with Anand Kapasi, Esq., Partner at Jones, Wolff and Kapasi, LLC EPISODE 47: The Transformational Powers for Impact In Your Sharing EPISODE 46: The Business of (Buying and Selling) Business with Eric Mendelsohn EPISODE 45: The Super Power of Enrollment To Improve Your Conversations and Your Outcomes EPISODE 44: Discovering Your Purpose with Professional Certified Coach Nesreen Mahmoud of Harbor Light Coaching EPISODE 43: Since Virtual Meetings Are Our Normal, Here's a Quick Tip - Matching and Mirroring EPISODE 42: Discovering The Hidden Joy In Our Spaces with Lara Apelian EPISODE 41: Why! Why? Why?! Discovering Your Values With Why EPISODE 40: Solving Problems Right In Front of Our Eyes with Thomas Robb EPISODE 39: How Checking Your Cell Phone Service Can Lead To Your Growth EPISODE 38: Surfing the Career Waves with Ronan Henderson EPISODE 37: The Power In Your Tongue EPISODE 36: Living a Life of Balance and Fulfillment with Michael DeSimone EPISODE 35: Don't Be the Doctor that Smokes EPISODE 34: Amplifying Yourself and Your Story with Visual Storytelling with Judith George EPISODE 33: Don't Underestimate the Power of Your Seemingly Simple Talents to Create Massive Profits EPISODE 32: Listening to Yourself and Taking Action to Be Happy with Alexander Houser EPISODE 31: All You Need Is A 10% Edge EPISODE 30: En Passant! Using Chess to Empower You in Business and in Life with Evan Rabin EPISODE 29: Level Up Your Life By Taking Inventory of Your Unconscious Competencies EPISODE 28: Simple Nutrition to Live Your Best Life with Brigitte Zeitlin EPISODE 27: Why Rock Tumbling Could Be The Key To Your Fortunes EPISODE 26: The Power of Questions and Coaching to Level Up Your Life with Bryan Winston EPISODE 25: Be Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind EPISODE 24: The Opportunity for Our Education's Future with Enrique Noguera EPISODE 23: If You Have THIS, You Can Achieve Anything You Want In Life EPISODE 22: The Power of Meditation to Get Out of Your Own Way with Nandar Matari EPISODE 21: You Can't Go Forward By Looking Backwards EPISODE 20: Discovering the Power of Your Fashion Style with Juliet Ragaishis EPISODE 19: Those Who Pay, Pay Attention EPISODE 18: Six POWERFUL Practices That You Can Easily Implement Today to Optimize Your Business and Strengthen All of Your Relationships with Leona Krasner! EPISODE 17: Make Your Obstacle Your Path to Success EPISODE 16: How to Make Things Happen in Your Business and Your Life with Scott Rubin EPISODE 15: You Can Defeat Worry With This . . . EPISODE 14: 3 Hacks to Scale Your Small and Mighty Business with Will Clanton EPISODE 13: If You Snooze, You Lose! EPISODE 12: What's Your Learning Style? EPISODE 11: If You Only Had the Time EPISODE 10: What I learned from "Joker" about being empathetic EPISODE 9: What the Super Mario Bros. Teach Us About Leading An Empowered Life EPISODE 8: What Advice Would You Give to Younger You? EPISODE 7: What Your Toilet Paper Says About You? EPISODE 6: Have You Ever Been Touched by the Supernatural? EPISODE 5: Have You Switched to Using a Bidet Sprayer? What This May Say About You EPISODE 4: Do You Fight Your Fears? EPISODE 3: The Experience of Failure EPISODE 2: The Experience of Overwhelm EPISODE 1: [INTRO] Welcome to the A:R podcast!
EPISODE 77: The Push for Diversity in Tech and Latinos Who Code with Gean Martinez

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